Elemental can help you avoid disappointment and costly mistakes by interpreting your vision and helping you to strike the balance between budget and design. Dan Freeman provides guidance and advice related to all aspects of your project, from land selection and building plans to managing construction finances and subcontractor contracts.

I walk you through the building process and help you achieve your vision of your home.
Dan Freeman - Owner


Budgeting and Scheduling
Time is Money

Understanding the order in which various stages of construction must be performed, the length of time involved once work begins, and how far in advance subs must schedule their crews to maintain a steady workflow, is vital to keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Elemental advises you with regard to:

  • Preparing a budget and construction schedule
  • Soliciting subcontractor bids and awarding and managing contracts
  • Protecting against construction liens
  • Maintaining subcontractor relations
  • Resolving problems and disputes related to your project

Field Monitoring

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